I am Beautiful

I am Created by God for a Purpose

I am a Leader

I  am Me

I am Beautiful Inside and Out

Name of Person

Our Mission

To Empower Girlz to find their inner beauty and allow it to shine from inside out.

Our Values and Beliefs

Positive Self Identity & Self Esteem

Personal Vision & Goals

Social & Emotional Skills

Moral Character

Academic Success & Work Ethics


 Our Service

Random Acts of Kindness

Community Involvement


Glitter Girlz Sparkle

Glitter Girlz Sparkle helps Girlz discover their purpose by exploring the world and their place in it. Our goal is  Girlz develop and sense of purpose. The activities range from workshops and focus groups to social and cultural field trips. 

We build leadership skills and character traits such as honesty, personal accountability, learning to listen to viewpoints of others, clear communication, critical thinking about life, choices and sound decision making.  Through goal setting our Girlz work on reaching tangible goals. All which are essential skills for success in school, work and life.